Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Claims He Allegedly Stole $3 Million Worth Of Jewelry From Her


Now you guys already know Floyd Mayweather is a multi-millionaire and surely has no problem spending his money. Now with all the money that Mayweather has it sounds quite crazy if he stole something right? Well his ex Shantel Jackson is alleging just that!
According to blast citing legal documents, Jackson claims he stole $3 million in jewelry from her. She said he took “a $2.5 million diamond ring, a $250,000 10-carat pair of diamond earrings, a $32,000 Chanel watch, a $100,000 diamond bracelet, a $20,000 diamond heart necklace and a $21,000 Louis Vuitton lock necklace.” She also claims there are several other items that he took from her as well, but they were not listed as far as the monetary value. These items included “a platinum MasterPiece Rolex watch with diamonds, a diamond Rolex,  a diamond cross necklace, and a diamond cuff.”
Back in 2014, Mayweather and Jackson were engaged, but Mayweather broke it off. Then Jackson started dating Nelly afterwards, and the two have been together ever since. At one point, Jackson sued Mayweather, she claimed he allegedly assaulted her. According to @pagesix once the two split she sued for “assault, battery, defamation, and invasion of privacy.” Mayweather denied all claims, but he did counter-sue Jackson. He accused her of using his credit cards and stealing his money without his permission. Jackson denied those claims as well.
Although neither one has been proven guilty of the alleged accusations, we will keep you guys updated.
Source: Page Six and The Blast


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