[Video] YBN Almighty Jay Gets Into Massive Street Fight With Rapper Lil TJ Prior To The Reported Robbery


YBN Almighty Jay Gets Into Massive Street Fight

Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay, was beaten and robbed of his chain and cash in New York City last night. The Birmingham rapper got into a massive street brawl just hours before a group of men jumped him. The video below shows YBN and his crew fighting with another group of men. One of them is rumored to be rising rapper Lil TJ. It’s unclear if the two incidents are related, but the previous video shows the rapper getting stomped on before running for his life.

According to TMZ, the brawl erupted outside of a Saks store in New York City just after he finished shopping with his friends. Up-and-coming rapper Lil TJ and his crew ran into YBN Almighty Jay and his crew and things popped off.

Later in the night, a group of men cornered YBN Almighty Jay by himself and stomped him out before taking his chain and valuables. Something tells me that you will see his chain popped up on Instagram in short order.

See video Below…


  1. […] YBN Almighty Jay got into a massive street fight in New York City with Lil TJay and his crew. Hours later, a group of men cornered YBN and beat him to a pulp while taking his chain, wallet, and sneaker. Last night a new photo surfaced on social media showing the extent of the Louisiana rapper’s injuries. The pic shows him laying on a hospital bed with a neck brace around his neck. He also had a massive gash to the side of his jaw. […]


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