Video: Young Thug And YFN Lucci Beef On Another Level As Young Thug Threatens To Slap YFN Lucci


Young Thug is threatening to put his hands on YFN Lucci.

It appears Young Thug has just reignited his beef with Reginae’s Carter boyfriend YFN Lucci. The two Atlanta rappers have a long-standing beef presumably over Thug’s girlfriend, Jerikka Karlae. The “Barter” rapper went on his Instagram Live on Thursday, and a fan asked him if he is going to slap Lucci when he sees him.

“Man, of course I’m going to slap Lucci,” Thug said. “I’mma slap the hell out y’all little n***as man. Stop playin’. Keep playin’ and know what time it is.”

YFN Lucci has since responded to Thugger’s threats on Twitter. “Dude gotta be Coked up,” he tweeted, while suggesting that his nemesis is high off cocaine.



Dude gotta be Coked up

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Young Thug and YFN Lucci’s beef goes back to 2017 when the “Good Times” rapper posted a photo of himself wearing a dress. He also said at the time that he would drop his new project on Tupac’s birthday. Lucci responded to the tweet saying, “Pac would’ve never wore a dress.”

That tweet didn’t sit well with Thug who appears to be carrying a grudge ever since then. YFN Lucci later denied that he has any feud going on with YT while adding that he is just going after him for clout.

YFN Lucci posted a video on his Instagram Story calling Young Thug the F word while saying that he is not slapping anybody. This beef is far from over, in fact it seems it’s only just begun.

See Video Below…



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